Serving all of your conveyancing needs in Cranebrook

Why do I need a conveyancer?

If you are selling a house you will need Contracts drawn up so the real estate agent can market your property, our conveyancer in Cranebrook can do this for you. If you are purchasing, a conveyancer will help you every step of the way until settlement and take the stress and pressure off you at this special time.

Don't solicitors have more experience?

No, a conveyancer has to attend university to get their qualifications just the same as a solicitor, in fact a conveyancer does just conveyancing so they have more practical experience as it is all they do. Your matter will be handled by the conveyancer themselves throughout your transaction and this also enables your questions to be answered by someone who has first hand knowledge of your matter.

We already have a mortgage broker, why does a conveyancer need to talk to my bank?

A broker organises your finance up until your loan is approved and organises for your mortgage documents to be drawn up. A conveyancer will meet your bank requirements/special conditions
etc. and go through the mortgage documents with you so you understand what you are signing and then make sure everything is ready for settlement.

Taking care of all your conveyancing needs in Cranebrook

We'll take care of everything

If you have to pack up our house in Cranebrook and be gone in a matter of weeks, you'll need a team you can trust to take care of absolutely everything! There's enough for you to think about without having to worry about your conveyancing needs! Christolynn Conveyancing Services will take care of everything for you so you can concentrate on your new horizons!

Couple consulting with conveyancer

We listen to your needs

Developers are often buying, selling, subdividing and even combining properties. Christolynn Conveyancing Services will take a case by case approach and find out what your conveyancing needs you have. Whether your portfolio is across Cranebrook or spread far and wide, we have the skills and experience to get the best results.

Conveyancer congratulating couple on home

We'll show you the way

For first time buyers it can be difficult to know where to start! The whole idea of buying a house can be overwhelming; you need a good team behind you, to take care of all of your conveyancing needs, with sound advice and an excellent reputation. Christolynn Conveyancing Services will help you understand the process, answer your questions and make you feel confident and get you your first home!