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When it comes to conveyancing, it's important you get the right team on the job! Find out why the people of  Cranebrook continue to use the conveyancing team services of Christolynn Conveyancing, with confidence!

The services and assistance provided by Christolynn Conveyancing Services' team include:

  • Preparation of Contracts For Sale of Land conforming to New South Wales legislation.
  • Investigation of Contracts For Sale of Land, negotiations with vendor or purchasers solicitors/conveyancers. I Liaising with pest and building inspectors and surveyors.
  • Preparation and investigation of Contracts For Sale of Business
  • Investigation and preparation of mortgage documents and loan contracts.
  • Liaising with town planners, surveyors and council with regards to property I developments.
  • Organising and liaising with mortgagees and other involved parties for settlement of transactions.
  • Registration of documents uplifting qualifications and limitations on title, discharging I and registration of mortgages, certificates of title, withdrawals of writs, caveats etc.
Expert conveyancing team in Cranebrook


Our expert conveyancing team, in Cranebrook, are highly qualified and experienced in the industry. They know everything there is to know about conveyancing and always stay on top of changes in the industry. They'll work hard to make everything right for you!

Conveyancing support team

Support team

It's not just our esteemed conveyancers that make us the most reputable conveyancing team in Cranebrook, it's the way we run our business. It's the way you are treated through the entire process, it's our organisation, it's our can-do attitude, it's our efficiency and it's our successes.  We couldn't do any of it without our fantastic support team!

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Christolynn Conveyancing considers local service providers, conveyancing industry connections, our loyal clients, prospective clients and our family and friends as a part of our team. We are always on your team and that's why the people of Cranebrook turn to us for conveyancing time and time again!